Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Supervisor Adams Initiates "Walk With Us" Program - January 15, 2009


Dear Super Supervisor:

I wonder if you still remember what it's like to have an individual such as yourself cut through the red tape and take
ownership-in-collaboration when you're a community member who cares deeply about health, safety and beauty?  Oh Happy Day!

I know you know perseverance and persistence, teamwork and collaboration.  But it was clear on our Saturday Walk With Me that you know how to inspire, encourage and support leaders around you.  That puts you in Mastery and I am deeply honored to work with you.  Oh Happy Day!!

We are gratified beyond measure by your down-to-earth, effective action and thorough approach to solving the pedestrian/bicycle safety issue along Lucas Valley Road.

Thank you again.  Oh Happy Day!!!



Supervisor Adams,

Thank you for taking the time to walk Lucas Valley Road with us this morning.  Your concern for our issues is deeply appreciated by myself, Carolyn Lenert and John Rojas.

As an involved and active resident of Mont Marin, I assure you that our community is deeply interested int the pedestrian safety, street lighting and highway adoption issues that we discussed.  As you advised, I will be contacting  Farhad Mansourian to discuss clean up and trash removal along the road.

I truly enjoyed talking with you and look forward to having the opportunity again.

Ray Lorber
Director - Mont Marin Homeowners Association