Monday, February 28, 2011

February 26, 2011 Clean-up day and 2nd Annual Meeting

Saturday morning's Broom Busters

Judy Schreibman, Susan Peterson, Brian Whiting, Carolyn Lenert, Ruth Whiting, David Crowne, Mark MacMillan and Marlies Carver

Susan Peterson, Rod Blouin and Mark MacMillan loading another pile of broom.

Brian Whiting enjoying watching Judy Schreibman pulling broom.

Rod Blouin with his favorite tool the "Weed Whacker."

Everyone is listening to Rod Blouin during our 2nd Annual Meeting

Seated on the left:  Brain Whiting, Marlies Carver, Mark MacMillan, Rod Blouin and  David Bernardi 
Seated on the right:  Ruth Whiting, David Crowne, Susan Peterson and Judy Schreibman
Carolyn Lenert is chairing the meeting

David Barnardi, Project Manager, Principal, Project Management Services explaining the details of the project

       Carolyn Lenert presented the Mark MacMillan Safety award to David Crowne

David also received the keys for a weekend at Sea Ranch

Luncheon was provided by Aref Ahmadia's West End Cafe

Friday, February 25, 2011

Walk with the County Engineering Team

On February 16, 2011 Carolyn Lenert and Ray Lorber walked along the Las Gallinas to Los Gamos corridor of Lucas Valley Road with the County Engineering Team.  

The County Engineering Team included:
Craig Tackabery, P.E., P.L.S. - Assistant Director, Department of Public Works, County of Marin

Ernest Klock, P.E. - Principal Civil Engineer, Department of Public Works, County of Marin

David Bernardi - Principal, Project Management Services

The team walked along Lucas Valley Road reviewing the obstacles for constructing a Class I multi-use pathway along the corridor.

Carolyn Lenert assists Ernest Klock in measuring the space between the light pole and the curb on Lucas Valley Road while Craig Tackabery and David Bernardi discuss their concerns with the limited space available for a path.

The team is discussing the available solutions for constructing a pathway at the most narrow place along the corridor.

The team is discussing the issue of incorporating the turn out for traffic at the 101 Lucas Valley Road office complex.

 Ernest Klock is measuring the width of Lucas Valley Road.