Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Supervisor Susan Adams District 1 Newsletter

District 1 Newsletter

Safe Passage/Lucas Valley Road 

The new 6-foot wide sidewalk from Las Gallinas Avenue to Los Gamos Road on the south side of Lucas Valley Road has been completed. This 2,200 foot long sidewalk gap-closure project connects the residential areas of San Rafael and Marinwood to transit facilities along Highway 101, and provides access to the YMCA on Los Gamos Road.

This project was first identified by residents of San Rafael and Marinwood, who encouraged the County to apply for grant funds for construction of this important sidewalk segmentThanks to the efforts by Supervisor Susan Adams. Federal and local funds were identified , the project was prioritized in the Department of Public Works work program, and the project was completed in a very short time when considering the usually lengthy Federal-Aid project process.

A special thanks to Ray Lorber and Carolyn Lenert for their enthusiasm and leadership throughout this effort.

Ernest Klock

Principal Civil Engineer

Marin County Public Works

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