Monday, August 31, 2009

Near Accident Report - Jan. 10, 2008

Sunday evening around 6:30 I was traveling from the
freeway along Lucas Valley Road.  It was raining
heavily and terribly dark.

Well, as I have dreaded, and we have discussed, some
pedestrians with their dog decided it was a good idea
to dash in front of my car to cross Lucas Valley Road.
I did not see them until the last minute (thank
goodness, I saw them in time) and had to slam on my
breaks and swerve to keep from colliding with them.

Pedestrians just don't realize that they can not be
seen by the vehicle driver when it is dark and it is
pouring down rain.

I am sending this to you only because we need a
pedestrian path along Lucas Valley Road.  And we need
lighting between Los Gamos and Las Gallinas.

Ray Lorber

County Response - Oct 28, 2007

I am more than happy to work with you regarding pathway installations. We can meet and discuss what it takes to facilitate such an endeavor.  

Please consider the following information which merits both the community’s and your attention:  

Providing a pathway is a major capital improvement and among other things it requires strict ADA compliance, appropriate drainage design, utility relocations, and right of way acquisition’s etc.  

When we receive requests for such projects we consider the specific areas need (how many pedestrians are using it) compared to other locations in the community. These other compared locations include school vicinities and community centers etc. We also have to make sure that there is strong community support for these types of improvements.  

Last but not least is fundraising. After the above items are addressed, we then work together to seek funding such as State, Federal or local grants.

City Manager Assistance Request - Oct. 17, 2007

Mr. Nordhoff
San Rafael City Manager

Dear sir,

The Mont Marin Board of Directors has asked me to look
into identifying the person within the San Rafael city
who has the responsibility for improving
the pedestrian access along Lucas Valley Road between
Las Gallinas and Los Gamos.

Today there is no safe passage for pedestrians along
this heavily traveled route.  At any time of the day
one can observe pedestrians carefully maneuvering
their way along this heavily traveled road.  We are
amazed that there has not been a resolution of this
problem on this extremely dangerous route.

With cars and trucks traveling above 40 miles per hour
(legally) passing within inches of pedestrians we can
assume that it is only a matter of time before another
injury will occur.

We at M.M.H.A. would appreciate your considering our
request and informing us who within the city
government has the responsibility for the pedestrian
safety along this corridor.

Thank you for your assistance.

Ray Lorber
Mont Marin Homeowners Association Board of Directors.

PWD Assistance Request - Nov. 4, 2006

Andy Preston - Director
Public Works Department
City of San Rafael

Thank you and your staff for the assistance provided
in the Mont Marin Sign Project. 

The effort was a great success.  Frequently we receive
accolades for the value the sign has provided to the
neighborhood.  You and your staff should feel great
satisfaction for the success of their efforts.

Having successfully completed this project, the Mont
Marin Homeowner's Association Board of Directors would
like to address an issue of great concern to all of
our neighbors.  There is a significant amount of
pedestrian traffic on Lucas Valley Road between Las
Gallinas Avenue and Los Gamos Drive.

We are very concerned as to the safety for these
pedestrians and would like to have a pedestrian pathway
installed on the south side of Lucas Valley Road.

Can you assist us in identifying the appropriate
organization that we should contact to initiate our

Thank you for your continued assistance,


Raymond G. Lorber
Treasurer, Mont Marin Homeowner's Association

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Project began in September 2006

With pedestrians and bicyclists sharing the traffic lanes with cars and trucks traveling at the posted speed of 45 mph, the Board of Directors of Mont Marin Homeowners Association elected to start a project to see what issues were involved in providing a safe passage for non-motorized traffic along the Las Gallinas Avenue to Los Gamos Drive corridor on Lucas Valley Road. The Safe Passage along Lucas Valley Road project was initiated by Marion Elkjer, President of Mont Marin Homeowners Association. On September 13, 2006 she assigned the task of investigating the issues to Ray Lorber.