Monday, August 31, 2009

Near Accident Report - Jan. 10, 2008

Sunday evening around 6:30 I was traveling from the
freeway along Lucas Valley Road.  It was raining
heavily and terribly dark.

Well, as I have dreaded, and we have discussed, some
pedestrians with their dog decided it was a good idea
to dash in front of my car to cross Lucas Valley Road.
I did not see them until the last minute (thank
goodness, I saw them in time) and had to slam on my
breaks and swerve to keep from colliding with them.

Pedestrians just don't realize that they can not be
seen by the vehicle driver when it is dark and it is
pouring down rain.

I am sending this to you only because we need a
pedestrian path along Lucas Valley Road.  And we need
lighting between Los Gamos and Las Gallinas.

Ray Lorber