Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mark MacMillan is Hit by a Truck - Letter dated July 12, 2009

  My name is Mark MacMillan. I am writing this letter in response  to a community concern involving the safety issues on Lucas Valley road for both pedestrians and bicyclists alike.  I have been personally involved in a pedestrian/ truck vehicle accident.  I will relate my incident  in the following manner.

  I have been a resident of the Mont Marin neighborhood for the majority of years since 1965.  I have seen what some would consider to be major changes in population growth and with that the ensuing greater traffic flow. I realize that  a certain faction of residents have warned about  impending future traffic growth . This may have arisen from construction projects already completed or already approved plans for  other projects. Needless to say I have witnessed an increase in traffic.  Although I realize one cannot live in a completely risk free society, my senses are on alert anytime  I am a pedestrian on Lucas valley road.  The risk could be mitigated if the proposed plans and solutions of SafePassage along Lucas Valley Road would be brought into use.

 Thus there I was  on March 23rd, 2007 walking towards highway 101 after turning right from Las Gallinas Avenue, a routine done countless times. I had made it as far as the office building, I believe the address is 101 Lucas Valley road, when I was struck by a produce truck from behind. I was told the driver was traveling approximately the speed limit 40-45 mph. I   thought that my head area suffered the majority of the impact. The witness in the car behind the truck thought the same. I do believe that her  current RN experience allowed her to act immediately and professionally  e.g.- phone 911,made sure I was conscious after some time and told me  what to do. The first responders showed up quickly, were also very professional and had me transported to Kaiser hospital in Terra Linda. The CAT scan did prove negative but I did have a broken hand possibly from the landing.

 Within  a few weeks of the incident , I started to complain about my shoulder which, in turned out, actually took the brunt of the impact. After various therapy protocols including an MRI procedure, cortisone shots, I thought surgery was necessary. I had an arthroscopy procedure for rotator cuff and Labrum damage that was  incurred done on April 23rd, 2009. I am now in the rehabilitation phase post procedure.

  I still  do take the same route as a pedestrian although on a much more irregular basis. I do walk with much more trepidation and am constantly  looking  over my shoulder on Lucas Valley road. I do truly hope that the powers that be can come to a conclusion that will  increase the safety for pedestrians and bicyclists alike on what I think is an inherently dangerous part of road.

Mark MacMillan