Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Walk with Us" program introduced - January 2009

The "Walk with Us" program was established by the Safe Passage along Lucas Valley Road Campaign to inform community leaders and neighbors of the danger to pedestrians and cyclists along the Las Gallinas Avenue to Los Gamos Drive corridor of Lucas Valley Road and to hear of their concerns.

We meet at the corner of Las Gallinas Avenue and Lucas Valley Road.  At the beginning of the walk we provide some history about how the project came about and then progress down Lucas Valley Road to Los Gamos Drive.

As we walk along the route we discuss, in addition to the danger presented by speeding vehicles, the issues that have to be addressed to implement a safe and separate path for pedestrians and bicyclists.  For example: the Gallinas Creek Headwaters are located in this corridor,  there is no street lighting in the corridor, and, most significantly, the City/County boundary line needs to be surveyed.  This is the only east/west artery from 101 without a safe and separate pathway for non-motorized traffic in Marin.

At the conclusion, we point out that a study needs to be performed to identify the issues that need to be resolved and ask for their support for the Safe Passage along Lucas Valley Road Campaign.