Sunday, February 9, 2014

Preserve the scenic beauty of Lucas Valley Road

The spectacular scenic views along 
Lucas Valley Road
need to be preserved.

The state established California's Scenic Highways program in 1963, 51 years ago.  Marin county is the only bay area county failing to utilize this legislation to protect its natural beauty.

As our Marin is being forced by the state legislature to significantly increase construction of high-density housing, even classifying Marin as an urban metropolitan area, the need to protect our natural scenic byways has become critical.

We need your support to preserve Marin's scenic natural beauty.

Let's designate Marin's Lucas Valley Road as an official County Scenic Road: to honor, protect and preserve this beautiful natural scenic resource for the  enjoyment of all who travel the corridor.

Protect Marin's Scenery! 

 Please sign the petition to nominate Lucas Valley Road for the Caltrans Scenic County Road designation. 

Visit the information page:

Thank you for your support!

The beautiful rural scenery along Lucas Valley Road qualifies the road to become designated as an official Scenic Road. 

Last year, on February 5, 2013, the Board of Supervisors accepted the Staff Report Recommendation for the Lucas Valley Scenic Road Designation!  

Board of Supervisors, please Nominate the Road in 2014!