Saturday, March 20, 2010

March 20, 2010 - Spring cleanup

Top Row:  Esther Wanning, Council Member Greg Brockbank, Ruth Whiting, Brian Whiting
Middle Row: Supervisor Susan Adams, Zach Anderson, Carole Landes, Chris Seltzer
Bottom Row: Kel Harris, Marlies Carver, Kim Bromley, Barbara George, Carolyn Lenert, Maynard Willms

Not shown in the photo: Preston McCoy and Ray Lorber 

Marlies Carver  pulling up Scotch Broom.

San Rafael City Council Member Greg Brockbank and his wife Esther Wanning attacking the Broom with sincerity.

Carole Landes and Chris Seltzer searching for the most enticing Scotch Broom.
Maynard Willms has found that sitting down on the job is the most effective way to attack Scotch Broom.
Preston McCoy has also decided that sitting down is the least back breaking approach to attacking Scotch Broom.
Ruth Whiting working along side Marlies, Greg and Barbara.  

Barbara George kept us aware of the need to recycle the debris that we collected.
Supervisor Susan Adams working with the community to bring awareness of the need for a pedestrian pathway along this busy corridor of Lucas Valley Road.