Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Reducing Trash in the Gallinas Headwaters

The Gallinas Watershed News:  San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board Puts Trash in its Place

Save the Bay reports that fish and wildlife may finally get some relief from pervasive trash pollution. On October 14, 2009, the San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board voted to approve historic and long-overdue requirements for cities to make significant, measurable reductions in trash flowing to the Bay. This is great news for the Bay! 

Under the new municipal regional permit, cities and other permittees must reduce trash getting into the Bay by 40 percent in the next four years, and achieve zero trash discharge from storm water within 12 years.  Save The Bay is urging the Water Board to work diligently to ensure full compliance with these groundbreaking regulations; and through the Clean Bay Project, will continue to work with cities to help them achieve these important trash reductions.

The Gallinas Watershed is a focus of the Safe Passage along Lucas Valley Road and the North San Rafael Coalition of Residents.