Saturday, October 31, 2009

Report to NSRCR for September 2009

"Ray Lorber"
North San Rafael Coalition of Residents Meeting
Thursday, October 1, 2009
Hosted by Carolyn Lenert
Safe Passage along Lucas Valley Road Report
By Ray Lorber

Activities since the last meeting on September 3rd:
Sept. 6 – Art Reichert and Mary Feller enjoyed a “Walk with Us” experience
Sept. 8 – Canoed the Gallinas Creek with Art and Carolyn
Sept. 9 – Attended a Marinwood Association Annual meeting and met Supervisor Adams
Sept. 10 – Endorsed Candidate Mark Levine at his Kickoff Meeting at Falkirk
Sept. 11 – Researched Grants at the Center for Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership (CVNL)
Sept. 13 – Mont Marin Ice Cream Social – Adams, Levine, and Ford attended – Carolyn and I worked the crowd
Sept. 15 – Jim Leonard (MMHA) and Ray Lorber cut branches along LVR in preparation for Coastal Cleanup Day
Sept. 16 – Talked with IJ reporter, Jennifer Upshaw, about Monique Petrov’s accident
Sept. 19 – Coastal Cleanup Day – Great success with 22 supporters
Sept. 22 – (Major MILESTONE) - Lucas Valley Road Boundary Survey delivered to my door by Craig Tackabery .   “HOORAY”   County line is between 100 and 200 feet south of the edge of LVR.   There is plenty of room to construct a safe and separate path for pedestrians and bicyclists.
Sept. 23 – Held a Barbeque luncheon for Mont Marin residents who have worked on the Safe Passage along Lucas Valley Road Campaign during the past 3 years.
Sept. 25 - Carolyn and I met with Craig Scheidt, Building Manager 101 Lucas Valley Road Complex

Sent out periodic emails to update our 200 supporters
Have a meeting scheduled with Damon Connolly on 10-4, and a meeting with Susan Adams & Bob Beaumont- DPW on 11-12.